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These are F.A.Q.’s  - Frequently Asked Questions about Ads on WAmart

Registering with WAmart

To list an Advertisement on WAmart you will need to register with us. This is primarily a safeguard against the site becoming blocked up with Spam postings, which would just waste everyone’s time.
Registration is easy and free and will only take a few minutes.

To register, either:

  • Click on ‘Register’ at the top right of the window
Login to register for WAmart - Western Australia's online classified site with FREE listing

Register with WAmart to enable you to post items for sale or list services or events. Click here to register.

  • Click on the ‘Join Now!’ button
Click here to join WAmart - Western Australia's online classified with FREE listing

Click here to join WAmart – Western Australia’s online classified with FREE listing

This brings you to the Registration Page.

FAQ's - how to register with WAmart

Registration is easy with WAmart – follow these simple instructions and be listing on WA’s online classified website for free.

  • You can register using your FACEBOOK, Google, or Yahoo login.
  • or just choose a ‘User Name’ and fill in your e-mail address. (You’ll need a valid e-mail address because that’s one way that people can contact you about your listing.)  Choose a password and repeat it to be sure you typed it correctly.
  • We’ve assumed that you’d like to be kept up-to-date with your interests or changes on WAmart – so we’ve ticked the box consenting to receive occasional e-mails from WAmart. (We will never pass your e-mail address onto others).  If you’d rather not hear from us, just ‘un-tick’ this box.
  • Complete the reCAPTCHA by typing in the two ‘words’ exactly as they are presented with a space between them. (If they are illegible, click the ‘refresh’ button to the right of the yellow box (top button)
  • Once you’ve successfully completed the reCAPTCHA click ‘Create Account’.

Our system will then send a confirmation e-mail to your nominated e-mail account. The e-mail will confirm your user name and password. (You can change your password at any time in your dashboard once you log-in)
Click on the link http://wamart.com.au/wp-login.php and then just sign in with your user name and password.

Once you connect you arrive at your Dashboard. Here you can edit your profile and see the statistics for any listings.

You may want to add extra information into your profile, such as: your twitter, facebook or PayPal accounts or your own website.

Please note: When entering your Facebook or Twitter address to your profile it says “excluding URL” This means putting in everything in your facebook address except http://www.facebook.com/  – e.g. wamartonline  (not http://www.facebook.com.au/wamartonline)

Post Your Ad

To post an advertisement just click on the ‘Post your ad’ button. Follow the prompts:

  • Select a Category and/or a subcategory
  • Add information about the item you are selling – Keep in mind that WAmart is catalogued by all the major search engines so make your Ad title and description understandable for potential buyers
  • Add up to five photos to help buyers decide if your item is what they are looking for
  • If you would like to improve your Ad’s visibility – choose to enhance it with a ‘Featured Listing’ a ‘Highlighted’ or ‘Top Ad’ listing. (Please note these attract a fee.)
  • Search Engine Tips - Make sure that you fully describe your item. Search engines will catalogue your listing and the better the description – the more people will know about it, and the better the result!
  • Use ‘keywords’ (Tags) in the first paragraph of the copy, make sure the topic is clear immediately
  • Accept the lodgement terms and click Proceed and your ad will be live (unless you’ve enhanced your Ad and chosen to pay by Bank Transfer which can take up to 48 hours (during business days) for the funds to clear.

How can I edit my Ad?

- Login to your account using your username/email address and your password
- Click the tab My Dashboard, then you will see all your Ads listed.
- Locate the particular Ad you want to edit/modify.
- Click the link Pencil sign by the right side of the Ad (under the Delete Ad sign.)
- Change what you want to modify (price, pictures, title, description,…)
- Click the Update Ad button at the bottom of the page.

How do I delete my Ad?

To delete your ad, please follow these steps :

- Login to your account using your username/email address and your password
- Click the tab My Dashboard, then you will see all your Ads listed.
- Locate the particular Ad you want to delete.
- Click on the Delete Ad sign on the right side of the ad.
- Confirm the delete by clicking ok on the warning pop-up
- Though it only takes a few seconds for your deleted Ad to be removed from our database, note that it may take up to two hours for your ad to be completely removed from our listing in some rare cases.

How many days will my ad be visible on WAmart.com.au?

You Ad will remain visible on WAmart.com.au for 90 days, after which you can repost it again.

My Ad has expired – how do I renew it?

If your ad has expired you can renew it by the following methods:

Enhanced Ad:
You have two steps to complete to renew your ad. Firstly, log-in to your Dashboard, then click on icon to repeat the enhanced section. (Featured Listing’, ‘Top’ or ‘Highlighted’ listing). This will take you to the PayPal payment page for the selected feature. Once you’d paid for the feature the link to take you back to your dashboard will say your ad is renewed, and there’s just one more step; Click on the ‘Play’ button to publish the ad.

Any questions..please contact us by clicking here.  (in your e-mail please indicate the best way to contact you.)

Free Listing:
Simply log-in to your dashboard and click on ‘relist’.

How do I contact the advertiser?

To reply to an ad, please follow these steps:

On the particular Ad, you can either call the number if they’ve listed it, or scroll down to the Tabs
Click the button Contact.
Fill up the form to contact the advertiser, do the maths and
Click on the Send Inquiry button

I want to know a little more about the advertiser?

To learn about the advertiser of a product or service, please follow these steps:

First option (Brief view)
On the particular Ad, scroll down to the Tabs
Click the button ‘Poster’.
There you will see a brief information about the advertiser, along with other ads he/she has listed (if any)

Second option (Detailed view)
Staying on the same Poster Tab
Click on the advertiser user name, where it says “Listed by:”
You will land on the advertiser profile page, where you will see a fuller detail of his/her profile

General Information

 How do I contact Wamart.com.au?

You can reach us for any reason through our ’About Us’ Page.

Can I suggest a ‘Category’ on WAmart?

Yes please!  We have listed categories that we think cover a lot of products or services that will be sought after, but you might have something a little different. If so, please contact us via our ‘About Us’ page.

I want to Advertise with Display Advertisements on WAmart?

WAmart aim to be WA’s premier online Classified Ads site, and the site will attract many viewers and advertisers.

To discuss the advertising options available to you, please contact us now